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Below you will find 2 sets of files. One is an Excel document which already has the formula and basic content for detailing expenses and income. The other, is in Word format and contains The Table of Contents for your Business/Life plan. Please download them and then insert your own data.  Only those headings which we have covered to date have been addressed.  Over the course of the following weeks we will cover each of the outlined areas. You will be able to copy and paste into this document. Happy planning! On the Blog we provide links for UTube and other such support information and tutorials.  

IntegratedBzStrategies.doc 29 Oct.doc IntegratedBzStrategies.doc 29 Oct.doc
Size : 229.5 Kb
Type : doc
Excel workbook expenses income.xls Excel workbook expenses income.xls
Size : 0.034 Kb
Type : xls

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